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About Juzheng

Dongguan Juzheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese security detection machinery manufacturer incepted in 2006. We are specialized in the development of automatic identification and detection equipment, offering X-ray machinery, metal detector, and airport screening system to meet a wide variety of applications. With a full line of advanced inspection and detection system, Juzheng can help you tackle your toughest working challenges.

Juzheng has established a research center in Shanghai. Our production base is located in Dongguan, where a wide range of X-ray security screening machine, X-ray detection instrument among other inspection machineries are built. Juzheng products have been widely applied in the security systems of public places, government offices, and large events, as well as in the inspection systems of food processing, and cloth manufacturing industries. Our production is powerfully supported by the image processing laboratory in Southeast University.

Expert Team

Juzheng has created an expert technical team comprised of experienced engineers who have accumulated at least 5 years' product design and development experience. The focus on user experience enables Juzheng to provide customers the best and most considerate service.

At Juzheng, the assembly and debugging job for X-ray security screening system is done by our technicians with over 10 years' manufacturing experience. Main electrical spare parts are from world-leading brands like Omron and Chint Electric to ensure product quality, and cables of our equipment are purchased from trustworthy brands. The care for each manufacturing detail of Juzheng ensures the superior quality of our machinery.

Our Partners

Juzheng has provided security systems for over 60 countries and regions, like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, USA, France, Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

Our partners: EMS, SF-Express, YTO Express, STOEX, Sure 56, TTK Express, Yunda Express, Hunan Bus Station, Huadu Bus Station, Anshun Bus Station, Huairen Bus Station, Lunjian Bus Station, Tongling Bus Station, Dali Center, Guangzhou Station

Applications: CNA, concert, sports, sports venues, tourist attractions, financial power, public security, public security, public security, public security, court, procuratorate, jail, detention center, labor camp, drug rehabilitation center, large event, Expo, School hotels, hospitals, embassies, museums, libraries, science and technology museums, entertainment venues, factories and enterprises, etc.

Contact Us

Dongguan Juzheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Add.: Building 1, Sangyuan Shijing Industrial Area, Dongcheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
Tel.: +86-769-22017140
Fax: +86-769-89032660