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    1. Juzheng cell phone detector is designed to tell whether there are phones on human body and where they are exactly, without being interfered by keys, belt buckle, glasses, cigarette and lighter.
    1. Each time a person passes through the machine, the detection unit will collect the data immediately. A valid identification is possible for each object carries specific eddy current and electromagnetic information.
    1. The inspection device adopts technology from Japan, imported core parts, and food grade conveyor. Detection efficiency of the metal detection equipment reaches 100%.
    1. Juzheng metal detector conveyor system is comprised of tunnel metal detector and conveyor. We have metal detection solutions for a variety of industries.
    1. Juzheng X-ray inspection equipment offers the highest image quality in industry, and provides a reliable solution in the search.
    1. The X-ray imaging machine utilizes high-performance vacuum ceramic image intensifier to examine items by fluoroscope.
    1. Juzheng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is available in R&D, producing and marketing standard and highly customized automatic checkweighers and providing high quality weighing and packaging solutions for various industries covering electronics, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, daily chemical and non-food industries.