X-Ray Security Screening System, XR-5030G

heavy cargo inspection, airport security, railway cargo inspection

XR-5030G X-ray security screening system has been widely used for checking dangerous objects covering drugs, explosives in airport, checking station, subway station and railway station.

Overall dimension: 1600mm*725mm*1200mm
Passageway size: 500mm(width)×300mm(height)
Conveyor speed: 0.22 m/s rated speed: 150 kg
X-ray volume: < 1.5µGy
Resolution: 0.0787mm-diameter metal wire
X-ray penetration: 43mm-thick steel plate
X-ray film: safe for ISO1600 film
Radiation leakage: <0.05µGy/h
Beam direction: from the bottom
Tube current/voltage: 0.4~0.5mA(adjustable) 100~160 kV(adjustable)
Beam divergence: 60°
Cooling/operation cycle sealed oil cooling/100%

Upgraded parameters(Main parameters)
X-ray penetration 43mm-thick metal sheet
IPI Φ0.0787mm solid core copper wire(AWG40)
Spatial resolution 1.0mm-single core cooper wire in horizontal formation, 1.0mm single core copper in vertical formation
Radiation leakage Lower than 0.05μGy/h
Noise Lower than 55dB

Core components of overseas famous brands
1. X-ray source from US Spellman
2. Roller from Germany INTERROLLI
3. Detector from Japanese HAMAMATSU

Intelligent sensor system
1. Intelligent sensing - checking the passageway in time, and the belt can only work when there are some baggages on the passageway, otherwise, the belt stops and the security inspection machine will be in a standby state.
2. Energy saving - Each equipment is available in electricity saving up to 5000yuan.
3. Long service life in the belt - With the service life 30% longer than that of the other equipment.

Shutdown with one key
1. You just need to turn the key to turn off the equipment and the equipment is available in automatic shutdown and power off.
2. It is easy and convenient for use, and has taken needs of people into full consideration, thus avoiding equipment failure resulted from mis-operation of the equipment, greatly reducing failures of equipment.

Environmental-friendly and wear-resistance lead curtain
1. Special surface treatment: the lead curtain is specially designed and processed.
2. Pollution-free: Designed with surface coating, avoiding lead contamination on the passengers caused by their contacting with it.
3. Durable: The lead curtain has a long service life, which can work 60% longer than other curtains.

Dynamic screen switching
1. The screen can achieve an automatic switch between static and dynamic images.
2. Built-in image management system enables users to browse saved images quickly.

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