Checkweigher, XR-CZ1200g

weigher, weighing system, belt weigher

1. Designed with 10-inch color touch screen, like a smartphone, easy to operate.
2. The checkweigher is available in a quick belt change. It adopts buckle design, making it easy for belt cleaning.
3. With more than 10 shortcut menus, available in changing products effectively without shutdown of the machine.
4. Search and print of the unqualified products.
5. Core components of the checkweigher are all imported, ensuring stable operation of the equipment.
6. We have our own independent processing plant, which helps to produce low-cost and low price products as compared with that of the other products with the same grade.
7. Adopts domestic leading sorting and rejector system, avoiding material spilling caused by fall down of products in the product selection and ensuring integrity of the tested objects.

Model: XR-CZ1200g
Weighing range: 1000g-1200g
Weighing zone: Length: 300mm; width: 220mm (Customizable)
Weighing precision: ±1.5g
Display resolution: 0.1g
Sorting speed: 200 pieces/ min
Height of the conveyor belt to the ground: 700mm±50mm(Adjustable)
Display: 10-inch large touch screen
Control power supply: AC 220V ( fluctuation+10% 、-15%,50/60Htz)
Working temperature: 0°C - 40°C
Humidity: 90% relative humidity( no condensed water)
Material and surface treatment: Stainless steel 304, polished surface
Devices used: Printer, ink-jet printer ,labelling machine, metal detector etc
Weighing sensor: Germany HBM sensor
Optional conveyor belt: Food-grade, PU, PVC belts
Other standard equipment: Windshield(colorless, transparent),calibration weights

As the overall dimension of the tested products and working conditions of the equipment vary, there might also be slight differences in the precision of speed test.

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