X-Ray Inspection System, XR900

X-Ray Screening Machine for Airport, Security Inspection Equipment, Baggage Scanner for Subway Station, Airport Security Check Solution

Main Features
1. XR900 X-ray detection machine runs at a standard speed of 12m/min (600 bag/min); with the speed adjustable
2. X-ray tube made in the US with the voltage and current adjustable
3. Sensor: multi-mode 0.4×2.0(mm) CMOS sensor from Japan
4. High-speed embedded DSP system is adopted for the baggage screening machine
5. Display: 22cun full screen display; high-resolution and easily-recognized image
6. The high-performance X-ray image processing system, FPGA chip with high-speed algorithm, high-resolution large-screen display, extended functionality, accompanied with user-friendly human-machine interface provides a high inspection accuracy
7. The X-ray equipment is of high testing accuracy, and can clearly show small foreign bodies, and 0.7mm-diameter metal balls

Passageway size 400-650mm (width), 200-550mm (height)
Machine dimension 2500 × 880 × 1400mm
Conveyor height 600-800mm
Rated conveyor load 70 kg
X-ray leakage 0.502 μ Gy/h; in line with national health and safety requirements on radiation devices
Voltage AC220V, 50 ± 3Hz
X-ray tube voltage 100~160 kV (adjustable)
Power 0.5KW/h
Working environment temperature: 0℃~60℃; humidity: 20%~90% (non-condensable gas)
Noise ≤ 57dB
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