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X-Ray Inspection System

Non-Destructive Detection System, Airport Security Screening Equipment, Baggage Inspection Machine, X-Ray Machine for Security Check

Juzheng X-ray inspection equipment offers the highest image quality in industry, and provides a reliable solution in the search for explosive weapons or contraband in baggage in a security check system.

    1. X-Ray Inspection System, XR700
      XR700 security inspection equipment operates at a standard speed (adjustable) of 12m/min. The X-ray tube is made in the US, with the voltage and current adjustable.
    1. X-Ray Inspection System, XR800
      The baggage screening system employs X-ray image processing system, FPGA chip with high-speed algorithm, high-resolution large-screen display.

Main Features
1. Image processing: the X-ray detector is able to process the color of black and white or colorful images; and perform switching, pullback, enlarging and reducing operations
2. Database: the security screening equipment creates a storage folder whose storing capacity is 2000 images automatically everyday
3. File format: the system is designed to transfer images of varied formats to designated folders
4. Display: 24-bit true color
5. Edge enhancement: sharper and finer edges
6. Super resolution enhancement: clearer details
7. High-penetration display: the foreign body detection system will increase brightness of the dark area so that the bodies hidden in high-absorption areas are clearly exposed
8. Low-penetration display: brightness of the low-absorption (easily-penetrated) body is improved for clearer display
9. Magnifier: local magnification
10. Darkness increase/reduce: the X-ray inspection machine increases or reduces brightness of images
11. Image pullback: the front 20 images are displayed and the pulled ones can be processed at will
12. Image restoration: restoring to the initial state
13. Storage: the baggage detection equipment can store any images immediately with any processing operations available; it can work continuously
14. USB port: with multi-functional USB ports, you can copy any data
15. Customer management: we can set different customer codes for classification management