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Walk Through Weapon Detector

Security Inspection Machine in Metro Station, Gun Detection System, Full Body Scanner, Knife Inspection Machinery

Red area represents dangerous goods, which is divided into 5 types: knife or gun, iron can, aluminum can, copper or aluminum pipe, and others. The computer will alarm when suspected dangerous goods is detected.

Green area represents normal items. When phone or watch is detected, the computer won't alarm but show: mobile/phone suspected.

Why Use it and How it Works
In a society where public safety has been a pressing issue, especially when it comes to managing hordes of people in public areas like metro station, train station, stadium, and concert, the adoption of efficient security inspection solution becomes an urgent necessity.

Walk through weapon detector employs 20 detection units on the 2 sides. It is mainly comprised of panel, excitation signal emission unit, eddy current / electromagnetic signal sensor, analog signal processing module, digital signal processing module, analyzing and alarming module, and remote control system. The detection machine enlarges and filters the weak signal received by eddy current / electromagnetic signal sensor to eliminate the interference from the complex signals outside, and then analyze the date with finite element and gradient measurement technologies.

In this weapon detection system, 2D metal detection technology is at the core of all of the techniques employed. Each time a person passes through the machine, the detection unit will collect the data immediately. A valid identification is possible for each object carries specific eddy current and electromagnetic information.

The weapon identification equipment works efficiently when there is only a single kind of weapon, or there is no other large goods carried along with the dangerous objects. Otherwise, there may be little influence on the system's identification performance.

Main Features
1. High accuracy: low false alarm rate when people pass without carrying weapons; high sensitivity to guns, knives, and other dangerous goods
2. High efficiency: for a test in 500ms, the pass rate reaches 30-40/min
3. Easy operated and convenient
4. Wide application in public areas

In public places always crowded by hordes of people, like train station, metro station, and stadium; office building; among others

Technical Parameters
External power supply: 110V~230V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power: 60W
Environment: -20℃~45℃
Working frequency: adjustable according to working environment
Total weight: about 130kg
Machine weight: 120kg
Machine dimension: 2220 (H) *910 (W) *650 (D) (mm)
Passageway: 2000 (H)*760 (W) *650 (D) (mm)

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