X-Ray Security Screening System, XR-6550

Airport Security Scanner, X Ray Equipment for Baggage Inspection, Subway Security Solution Supplier, Cargo Screening Machinery

Main Features
1. Effect on film: safe for ISO1600 film
2. Noise of the baggage screening machine: ≤55dB (A)
3. Operation cycle: 100%; pre-heating not required
4. X-ray generator cooling: sealed oil cooling
5. X-ray direction: from the bottom
6. X-ray array: L-shaped array
7. Operating system: Windows XP
8. X-ray volume: no more than 1.22uGy for each inspection
9. X-ray leakage: no more than 0.12uGy/h at 5cm of the machine's outer surface

Passageway size 650 mm (width) × 500mm (height)
Conveyor speed 0.22 m/s
Rated conveyor load 250 kg
X-ray volume for single inspection < 1.5µGNy
Machine dimension 2100*1080*1480
Conveyor height 620mm
Resolution 0.0787 mm-diameter metal wire
X-ray penetration 3mm-thick steel plate
Penetration resolution 0.202mm
Spatial resolution horizontal diameter: ≤1.0mm;
vertical diameter: ≤1.0mm;
beam divergence angle: 80°
Working Environment
Temperature/humidity 0℃~45℃/ 20%~95% (non-condensable gas)
Storage temperature/humidity -20℃~60℃/ 20%~95% (non-condensable gas)
Voltage 220VAC (±10%) 50±3Hz
Power loss 1.0KW (max)
Noise < 55dB
Operator station 3-strand cable between operator station and host
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