X-Ray Security Screening System, XR-8065

Airport Drug Detection Machine, Explosive Inspection Equipment in Security, X-Ray Detector for Baggage, Bag Screening Machinery

Main Features
1. Multiple color display: orange for organics, blue for inorganics, green for mixture
2. High/low energy switch: high energy means metal, low energy means nonmetal
3. The security inspection equipment is designed to detect dangerous items like drug and explosives.
4. When something abnormal is found, it will alarm automatically.

Passageway size 800mm (width) ×650mm (height)
Conveyor speed 0.22 m/s
Rated conveyor load 200 kg
X-ray volume for single inspection < 1.5µGNy
Resolution 0.1mm-diameter metal wires
X-ray penetration 43mm-thick steel plates
Effect on film safe for ISO1600 film
X-ray volume ≤1.0μGy/h
Leakage volume < 0.05µGy/h
X Ray Generator
X-ray direction from the top
Tube current 0.4~1.25mA (adjustable)
Tube voltage 100~160 kV (adjustable)
Beam divergence angle 90°
Working Environment
Temperature/humidity 0℃~45℃/20%~95% (non-condensable gas)
Storage temperature/humidity -20℃~60℃/20%~95% (non-condensable gas)
Voltage 220VAC (±10%) 50±3Hz
Power loss 1.0KW (max)
Noise < 55dB
Operator station 3-strand cable between operator station and host
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