X-Ray Security Screening System, XR-10080

X-Ray Equipment for Airport Security, Luggage Inspection Machine for Airport, Image Scanner, Weapon Detector, Security Machinery Company

Main Features
1. XR-10080 security inspection system is widely used in airport, checkpoints, subway station, and train station to detect drug, explosives, among other dangerous items
2. Multiple color display: orange for organics, blue for inorganics, green for mixture
3. High/low energy switch: high energy means metal, low energy means nonmetal
4. The equipment will alarm automatically once something abnormal is found

Passageway size 1000mm (width) × 800mm (height)
Conveyor speed 0.22 m/s
Rated conveyor load 200 kg
X-ray volume for single inspection < 1.5μGNy
Resolution 0.0787mm-diameter metal wire
X-ray penetration 43mm-thick steel plates
Effect on film safe for ISO1600 film
X-ray volume ≤1.0μGy/h
Leakage volume < 0.05μGy/h
X Ray Generator
X-ray direction from the top
Tube current 0.4~1.25mA (adjustable)
Tube voltage 100~160 kV (adjustable)
Beam divergence angle 90°
Cooling/operation cycle sealed oil cooling/100%
Working Environment
Temperature/humidity 0℃~45℃/20%~95% (non-condensable gas)
Storage temperature/humidity -20℃~60℃/20%~95% (non-condensable gas)
Voltage 220VAC(±10%) 50±3Hz
Power loss 1.0KW (max)
Noise < 55dB
Operator station 3-strand cable between operator station and host
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