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X-Ray Security Screening System

Aviation Checkpoint Screening Solution, X Ray Detection System, Subway Security Checking Machinery, X Ray Screener Supplier

Juzheng offers the highest quality screening and security equipment for reliable checkpoint inspection operation. We have baggage screening machinery for airport, subway station, checkpoint, etc. Being a professional Chinese X-ray screener supplier, Juzheng is committed to offering users the most comprehensive security inspection solutions.

    1. X-Ray Security Screening System, XR-5030G
      XR-5030G X-ray security screening system has been widely used for checking dangerous objects covering drugs, explosives in airport, checking station, subway station and railway station.
    1. X-Ray Security Screening System, XR-8065G
      XR-8065G X-Ray security screening system has been widely used for detecting dangerous items covering drugs and explosives in airport, checkpoint, subway station and railway station.

Main Features
1. X-ray sensor: L-shaped photodiode array detector; 12bit-deep
2. Screen: high-resolution 19 inch color LCD screen
3. Image display: 24-bit true color
4. Edge enhancement: sharper and finer edges
5. Super resolution enhancement: clearer details
6. High-penetration display: the foreign body detection system will increase brightness of the dark area so that the bodies hidden in high-absorption areas are clearly exposed
7. Low-penetration display: brightness of the low-absorption (easily-penetrated) body is improved for clearer display
8. Magnifier: local magnification
9. Darkness increase/reduce: the X-ray inspection machine increases or reduces brightness of images
10. Image pullback: the front 20 images are displayed and the pulled ones can be processed at will
11. Image restoration: restoring to the initial state
12. Special requirements: no risk of harm to food, medicine, and magnetic tape