Walk Through Metal Detector, MD-600A

Weapon Detection System, Airport Full Body Scanner, Whole Body Screening System, Puffer Machine, Trace Portal Equipment

Main Features
1. The security detection system is designed with simple and elegant panel, 4 easy-operated buttons, and English/Chinese selection
2. Patented structural parts; windproof, damp-proof, and dust-proof design
3. With excellent performance, high sensitivity, and great stability, it is able to detect small metal sheet with a weight of 6g
4. The walk-through metal detector features multiple probes, detection regions, and launch and receiving units. Interactive detection technology is employed
5. Operators can set the sensitivity separately for each detection region to eliminate the interference from key, belt buckle, bra, phone, among other metal goods
6. The frame is made from thickened high-strength high-pressure laminate (HPL). The one-shot aluminum column having been given antioxidant treatment features high hardness and no deformation
7. The weapon detection system is easily-assembled, solidly-structured, and highly stable with the metal chassis and patented countersunk head bolt
8. The ultra-bright double-row alarming indicators show clearly where the prohibited items are hidden
9. Users can set the volume of alert sound at will
10. The full body scanner can be connected to network via PC or software, making it ideal for large event, race, and users who need to manipulate several equipment at the same time
11. It can be equipped with auxiliary devices, like tripod turnstile, wing gate, access control, attendance machine, etc.
12. With a system upgrading port, users can upgrade it for a secondary development. We offer free upgrade service for lifetime
13. The patented 3D infrared system helps prevent interference from strong light and day light
14. A unique infrared system start and stop technology makes the body screening machine a reliable choice for users' need
15. Stability of the system is well guaranteed by all-encased high heels and double-fulcrum design, which is unaffected by uneven ground
16. Both sides of the door are equipped with power interface
17. Password management technology is available

Detector dimension 2240x670x860mm
Passageway size 2000x700mm
Main chassis size 755x435x255mm
Panel size 2290mmx715mmx200mm
Main chassis/panel net weight 67kg
Main chassis/panel gross weight 75kg
Voltage 210V~240V50/60Hz
Power 25W
Frequency range 1 -50 bands
Environment temperature -20 ℃~55 ℃
Space required 100cm* 200cm (W*L)
Metal detection accuracy ≥ 6g

Introduction to Functions
1. Metal detection
2. 2-group red digital tube display
3. 4-bitton panel operation
4. Several ports for networking
5. External alerting device (port 485-232)
6. Ports for secondary development/upgrading
7. Number of passes counting
8. Alert time calculator
9. Number of passes inquiry
10. Total number of passes inquiry
11. Simultaneous detection and alert for several groups
12. Large object intelligent detection and partition
13. Ultra-light double-row indicators
14. 50 optional frequency bands
15. Silent mode available for alert sound
16. Adjustable alert sound volume
17. 10 optional alert sound choices
18. Front and rear indicators
19. Adjustable sensitivity (0-200 level) for each detection group
20. t. Optional overall safety level: 1-20
21. 12 independent probes, 6 interactive detection regions
22. Reset to defaults

1. Battery life 8 hours
2. Battery life 2 hours
3. Front and rear indicators

Implementation of Standards
1. Equipment: EN60950 Standard
2. Radiation: EN50081-1 Standard
3. Anti-interference: EN50082-1 Standard
4. Walk-Through Metal Detector Standard
5. ISO9001:2008
6. OHSAS18001
7. ISO14001
8. CE

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