Walk Through Metal Detector, MD-600D/24

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The body scanner widely used in airport is of high metal sensitivity and powerful anti-interference capability. Among the multi detection zones, sensitivity of each one can be set individually. The walk through detector is designed with self-diagnostic program and can check itself. Operations are done through a 7-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen. The frame adopting high-strength material is resistant to fire, corrosion, and vibration. Juzheng walk through detection system has obtained several patents in the design of material, appearance, and software.

As an expert Chinese metal detector company, Jinzheng is committed to offering you the best security detection solutions.

Main Features
1. The system is designed with 24 detection zones, the sensitivity of each one can be adjusted at will (adaptive adjustment technology)
2. Touch screen: easy-operated 7-inch HDMI touchscreen
3. Mobile interconnection technology: operators can manipulate it remotely through APP (optional)
4. Shell protection: excellent IP55 protection
5. Self-diagnosis system: the airport security check machine will check itself once started
6. Self-adjustment system: standards for detection can be adjusted automatically after entering debug mode
7. Start and stop technology: the infrared device starts and stops the system automatically
8. Alerting: alerting light and sound is adjustable
9. Working frequency: manual or automatic frequency conversion
10. Detection technology: no blind spot
11. Expert detection program: detection standards for 60 different occasions are inserted (upgrade service is available)
12. Frequency band: 100 levels
13. Safety: 100 levels
14. Sensitivity: 0-255 grade for each detection zone
15. Alert sound: several sounds are available for different occasions
16. Data record: pass and return data record
17. Data query: real-time data query
18. Smart standby: intelligent standby remind, with 16 ultra-bright LED indicators
19. Detection capacity: 60-150 passes in 1 minute

Detector dimension 2240x670x860mm
Passageway size 200 0x700mm
Panel size 2280x700x290mm
Main chassis/panel net weight 67kg
Main chassis/panel gross weight 75kg
Voltage AC90V~240V50 / 60Hz
Power 20W
Frequency range 1-50 bands
Environment temperature -20℃~6 5℃
Space required 100cm* 200cm (W*L)
Metal detection accuracy ≥ 6g
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