Walk Through Metal Detector, MD-600

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Main Features
1. MD-600 walk through metal detector features high detection sensitivity and powerful anti-interference capability
2. Self-diagnosis program
3. Sensitivity of each detection zone can be set individually
4. High-brightness color LCD
5. The metal detection machine made from high-strength material is resistant to fire, corrosion, and vibration
6. Real-time monitor for interference from surroundings
7. Environment detection data display
8. The full body scanner can be connected to network; users can control several sets of equipment with 1 pc
9. To prevent false alarm by key, jewelry, and belt buckle, the metal weight, volume, size, and location can be set in advance
10. The threat prevention system in compliance with EMC standards employs weak magnetic field technology and allows for no risk of harm to pacemaker wearer, pregnant women, films, and tapes

Details of TD-800 Metal Detector

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