Walk Through Metal Detector, MD-600T

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MD-600T is a portable walk through metal detector featuring high sensitivity, light weight, strong anti-interference capability, and great stability. Users can easily mount the well-assembled detector by tilting and then moving it to the designated place with caster. Made from special high-strength material, the full body scanner is of light weight and is easy to be transported. Stability of the machine is well guaranteed by modular design and uniform assembly line. Meanwhile, the system is designed to be rather user-friendly and any operational training is unnecessary. 600T Oval metal detection system is widely applied in sports competition, meetings, and schools, etc.

Juzheng 600T Oval portable walk through detector has got several design patents and the software registration right. It utilizes electromagnetic field to detect metal and warns that the metal passengers carry is overweight by alarming. The security detection equipment is comprised of high-frequency signal generator, signal receiver, and infrared sensor. It features water resistance, aesthetic appearance, powerful metal detection ability, and multi detection zones. A unique online remote control system is employed. All of these have made 600T Oval a leading walk through metal detector on the market.

Incepted in 2006, Jinzheng has been a senior China airport security solution provider with 11 years' experience. Come and choose Jinzheng to be your trustworthy security inspection solution supplier.

Optional Units
1. Self-diagnosis
2. With a WiFi module, the detection system can get connected to network. Then users can control the machine and manage the data remotely through APP.

Advanced Techniques
1. Mobile detection: determining whether there are prohibited items by checking the signal sent by phone, among other communication devices
2. Multi detection zones: 8, 16, and 24 zones are provided for option; detection zones are divided intelligently (more upgrading techniques are available)
3. Working frequency: 0-100 bands; adaptive to working environment
4. Detection zone sensitivity: sensitivity of each zone can be up to 255
5. Remote control by APP
6. Self-diagnosis: the body scanning machine will check the condition of software when it is started

1. Self-adjustment system: standards for detection can be adjusted automatically after entering debug mode
2. Start and stop technology: automatic start and stop technique for the infrared device; life of the system is extended by 100 times
3. Data query: real-time data query
4. Detection capacity: more than 100 passes in 1 minute
5. Sensitivity of each zone can be adjusted at will
6. Adjustable alarm sound and light

Technical Parameters
Detection objects: prohibited items, including phone and metal
Battery: polymer battery; 8, 16, 24, 48, and 72 hours battery life optional
Input: AC 110V-240V/50HZ-60HZ
Output: DC 12V/5A 12W
Passageway size: 2051*710*500mm
Detector dimension: 2366*492*560mm
Environment humidity: 90%, no-condensable gas
Environment temperature: -40℃-85℃

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