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Walk Through Metal Detector

Gun Detector, Security Equipment for Subway Station, Airport Safety Inspection Machinery, Body Screening Machine

    1. Walk Through Metal Detector, MD-600D/24
      The body scanner widely used in airport is of high metal sensitivity and powerful anti-interference capability. Among the multi detection zones, sensitivity of each one can be set individually.
    1. Walk Through Metal Detector, MD-600Z
      The body detection system is designed with multiple probes, detection regions, and launch and receiving units. Sensitivity can be set separately for each detection zone to eliminate the interference from key, etc.
    1. Walk Through Metal Detector, MD-600
      The threat prevention system in compliance with EMC standards employs weak magnetic field technology and allows for no risk of harm to pacemaker wearer, pregnant women, films, and tapes.
    1. Walk Through Metal Detector, MD-600T
      Made from special high-strength material, the full body scanner is of light weight and is easy to be transported. 600T Oval metal detection system is widely applied in sports competition, etc.