Low-Dose X-Ray Portable Fluoroscopy Unit, XR-50c

Medical X-Ray Imaging Machine, Non-Destructive Testing Equipment, X-Ray Security Scanner, X-Ray Inspection Machinery for Customs

As a senior Chinese X-ray equipment manufacturer with over 10 years' experience, Juzheng has developed a number of image detection equipment used for airport security, medical diagnosis, and food inspection, including this XR-50c series low-dose X-ray portable fluoroscopy unit, which is the smallest X-ray diagnostic equipment over the globe.

Main Features
1. The X-ray imaging machine utilizes high-performance vacuum ceramic image intensifier to examine items by fluoroscope. Diameter of the detected object is relatively enlarged
2. It is portable, safe, and shows high resolution. Images can be shown cleanly even not in a darkroom. The equipment allows for little X-ray leakage so special protection approaches are unnecessary

1. Field diagnosis for wounded athletes, field operators, and soldier
2. Non-destructive test for aluminum castings, integrated circuit, and transformer in industry department
3. Security check in public security, customs, and Ministry of Posts and Communications

Technical Parameters
Image size
Φ 50mm
Detection thickness ≤ 280mm
Resolution > 4LP/mm
Screen brightness >40cd/m2
X-ray tube pressure 35-75 kV
X-ray tube current 0.5mA
X-ray leakage < 5mR/h
Machine weight 3.6kg
Power 80W
Voltage 220V50HZ
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