Needle Detector, XR-720C

Metal Detection Machine for Fabric, Food Inspection Equipment, Inspection Machinery for Clothing Accessory, Metal Detector


XR-720C high-sensitivity needle detector with LED screen is a metal detection equipment used to detect broken needles and metal. It is applicable in various industries, like toy, cloth, zippers, metal buttons, shoes, chemical, leather, knitted fabric, and aluminum coil packed food. Metal detector has been an indispensable inspection tool for exported food.

Main Features
1. The microcomputer digital signal processing technique which is able to analyze signals in different channels allows for more reliable inspection
2. Anti-interference capability and sensitivity of the instrument is largely improved by a special sensing design
3. The unique magnetic field equalization induction technique caters to customers in different industries, especially in clothing accessory inspection
4. Membrane switch is adopted for the metal detection machine
5. User-friendly design
6. Detected foreign bodies are showed clearly and intelligently
7. With a smart counting system, amount of the qualified and unqualified products are accurately recorded
8. Sensitivity of the needle detecting instrument is guaranteed by safety lock device and is adjusted digitally
9. Interference and metal contents are showed on the screen
10. Auto alerting and shutdown
11. A, B, C, and D type machines are compatible and can be used at will
12. Sensitivity is adjusted from 0 to 12 grade precisely on the panel

Technical Parameters
Detection approach electromagnetic induction, digital circuit processing
Sensitivity ≥FeΦ 0.8 ≥FeΦ0.8 ≥FeΦ1.0 ≥FeΦ1.2 ≥FeΦ1.5
Detection height 100mm 120mm 150mm 200mm 250mm
Detection width 600mm (customizable)
Detection adjustment 1-12 level
Alerting method audible alert, shutdown, go backwards, and then restart
Power supply Ac220V 50-60Hz
Power 140W
Machine dimension L1820mm×W1050mm×H900mm
Weight 280KG
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