X-Ray Food Inspection System, XR-5000D

Non Destructive Food Testing Machine, X Ray Detector for Medicine Production, Meat Inspection Equipment, Food Detection System

Applications: metal can, plastic container, etc

Max detection accuracy lead: φ 0.2mm; stainless steel ball: φ 0.4mm; ceramic ball: φ 0.8mm; bone: φ 0.8mm; glass: φ 1.0mm
Inspection dimension max width 280mm
max height 405mm
Conveyor width 85mm
Conveyor height 900±30mm
Conveyor speed 10-100m/min
Bearing capacity 10Kg
X-ray output 40-150kVp/2-7.5mA
X-ray leakage <1μSv/h
Detector linear scanning
X-ray direction from the sides
Pixel size 0.4mm
Monitor 15-inch LCD touch screen
Operation method by touch screen
Software Intellisense X-ray Inspection System
System Windows 7
Port USB
Parameter setting manually/automatically
Shell material SUS304
Conveyor material PU belt
Air conditioner internally-circulated industrial air conditioner; automatic temperature control
Protection method removable protective curtain
Cleaning cleaning job is done conveniently for the conveyor belt can be removed without tool
Power supply AC220/230V, 50/60Hz
Environment temperature: 5-35℃; humidity: 30-85%RH (no condensation)
Machine dimension 1500*1300*1810mm (L*W*H)
Machine weight 460Kg
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