Hand Held Metal Detector, GC-101H

Handheld Body Scanner, Weapon Screening Device, Airport Security System, Body Scanning Tool for Airport, Train Station Security Check Device

GC-101H series high-sensitivity hand held metal detector is a high-performance metal detection device with portable and easy to carry size especially designed for public security system. The ultra-high sensitivity and unparalleled streamline design has distinguished GC-101H body scanning device from other security detection products. The housing of GC-101H is casted from ABS plastic, which is different from traditional detecting devices. The special detection design, accompanied with advanced audio and vibration alert devices have worked together for higher detection sensitivity. Meanwhile, GC-101H body scanner is an energy-saving model and can work continuously for long time. It integrates CMOS circuit and electronic buzzer for the accurate detection of ferromagnetic and metal.

GC-101H handheld metal detector is mainly used for public security purposes in airport, railway station, customs, dock, stadium and border, as well as in jewelry and electronic element factory for detection of expensive metals.

Main Features
1. Streamline design, aesthetic appearance, and extremely high sensitivity
2. Light weight, large detection area, high working efficiency
3. 2 alert modes optional: LED light alert or vibration alert
4. The detector is highly durable and won't hurt after a free-fall from a height of 1m
5. Voltage and charging indicators
6. Battery is available

Detection Distance
Sensitivity of GC-101H metal detector is subject to change as the surroundings or the metal's volume, size and density varies. Factory standards are listed as follows:

Pin: 30-60 mm
Coin: 75-100 mm
6-cun blade: 160-10mm
20mm-dia steel ball: 180-195mm

1. Alerting Notification
Yellow LED always on: target detected
Green LED flashes: power on
Red LED flashes: low voltage
2. Alerting Indicator
Audio mode: buzzer and red LED
Vibration mode: vibration and red LED
3. Battery
9V alkaline or lithium battery
Battery life: 30-40 hours (lithium battery); 28 hours (alkaline battery)
4. Temperature: -15~45℃
5. Frequency: 25Hz
6. Time for reset: 0.5s
7. Dimension

Weight: 225g (without battery);
Width: 77mm;
Height: 26mm;
Length: 375mm

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