Hand Held Metal Detector, GC-3003

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At Juzheng, a Chinese security detection equipment provider, we are specialized in offering comprehensive metal detection solutions for various industries. Our metal detectors made from high-quality components are distinguished for high accuracy, easy operation and aesthetic appearance. They have been widely applied in public places and factories with high security demands, like stadium, exhibition venues, entertainment places and docks, as well as in jewelry, electronic or metal factory for thief prevention.

Main Features
1. Our handheld detector features streamline exterior, portable size, and easy operation.
2. The large detection area enables efficient and fast inspection operation.
3. Performance of GC-3003 detection device is comparable to that of GARRETT and CEIA, both of which are leading brands in motor detector market
4. Battery low voltage indicator: you should charge or replace the battery when the side yellow indicator is on
5. A fully-charged 250MA battery can work continuously for over 40 hours. The detection distance remains unchanged when the battery is changed from 9V to 7V
6. 2 alerting modes optional: LED audio alert or vibration alert
7. High and low mode selection for sensitivity
8. External charging port is available to charge the handheld body scanner directly
9. The device is durable and highly resistant to vibration. It won't hurt from a 10m free-fall
10. Standard configuration: battery and charger

1. High sensitivity test: hold the handle to explore around the goods to be detected when the power is on. The detector will alert with red light or vibration if there is metal
2. Low sensitivity test: you can do the test by searching for a coin on reinforced ground. Hold down the button and detect around the coin, and the detector will alert with red light or vibration. At this point the sensitivity is reduced by at least 5 times
3. Please charge the security check device when the yellow light is on, which indicates power insufficiency. Green light is on when the voltage reaches 9V, and after it is bright enough, the battery will be fully charged (specific charging time is determined by battery capacity; standard battery provided in Juzheng is fully charged in 3-6 hours)

Technical Parameters
1. Alerting Notification
Green LED flashes: power on
Red LED flashes: target detected
Yellow LED always on: low voltage
Metal indicator LED: the indicator gets red from green as the objects detected get bigger
2. Alerting Indicator
Audio mode: buzzer, red LED, metal indicator LED
Vibration mode: vibration, red LED, metal indicator LED
3. Battery: standard 9V battery
4. Power: 270MW at most
5. Frequency: 22KHZ
6. Standby current: <5MA
7. Voltage: DC 7~12V
8. Environment temperature: -10℃~65℃
9. Time for reset: 0.5s
10. Net weight: 170g (without battery)
11. Dimension: 295mm*68mm*28mm

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