Hand Held Metal Detector, GP-3003B1

Cargo Checking Tool, Passenger Scanner, Metro Station Security Solution, Security Scanner for Border, Portable Body Scanning Device

Main Features
1. The portable body scanning tool employs an auto reset switch to change the sensitivity, enabling it to inspect both large cargos, and small metal objects
2. Easy operated
3. A leather case is provided for protection
4. The indicator will be off or always alert when there is a power insufficiency
5. Sound and vibration alerting
6. Sensitivity is adjustable
7. GP-3003B1 is one of the most popular hand held body scanner model and can be applied in almost any fields

Model: GP-3003B1
Dimension: 410mmx85x45mm;
Package size: 44.5cm*26.5cm*52cm;
Weight: 25 pcs/box; 13.3kg/box;
Battery: 6F22ND 9V (alkaline or rechargeable battery)
Alerting: audio and vibration

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