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Wireless Transmission Charging Hand Held Metal Detector

Body Scanner for Prison, Weapon Detection Tool, Portable Scanning Device for Airport, Security Detection Solution for Train Station

This handheld metal detector with wireless transmission charging is widely used for detecting weapon, detonator, and tiny metal objects hidden in baggage, cartons, or on human body, particularly in hospital operating room, airport, prison, and digital electronic factory. With perfect performance and aesthetic appearance, this metal detection tool has been a favored choice of many users. It has been certified by ROHS and CE.

Product Advantages
1. This handheld security scanner is of aesthetic appearance and unparalleled streamline design.
2. The large and uniform detection area gives it ultra-high sensitivity.
3. It is easy operated
4. The body scanner provides high and low grade sensitivity for option and users can adjust it simply with a membrane button
5. Alerting is switched between sound and vibration alert modes with one button. Silence mode is available upon request
6. Anti-slip handle
7. We hold an independent intellectual property right for the wireless charging technology, which is a breakthrough of traditional wired charging technique

Technical Parameters
Model: Wireless Transmission Charging Hand Held Metal Detector
Dimension: 340mm (L) *40mm (handle diameter) *80mm
Battery: 6F22ND 9V (alkaline or rechargeable battery); rechargeable battery is strongly recommended
Sealing rating: IP64
Alerting: sound or light
Weight: 365g

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