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Hand Held Metal Detector

Portable Body Scanning Tool, Train Station Weapon Detection Device, Security Inspection Solution for Airport

    1. Hand Held Metal Detector, GC-101H
      The ultra-high sensitivity and unparalleled streamline design has distinguished GC-101H body scanning device from other security detection products.
    1. Hand Held Metal Detector, GC-1002
      GC-1002 portable body scanner is one of the most popular security detection devices that can be applied in almost any fields. It is designed to be rather easy operated.
    1. Hand Held Metal Detector, GC-3003
      Our handheld detector features streamline exterior, portable size, and easy operation. The large detection area enables efficient and fast inspection operation.
    1. Hand Held Metal Detector, GP-3003B1
      The portable body scanning tool employs an auto reset switch to change the sensitivity, enabling it to inspect both large cargos, and small metal objects.
    1. Hand Held Metal Detector, V160
      he handheld security detector is applicable in searching for weapons, bombs, or other small metals hidden in baggage or on human body.