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Walk Through Mobile Phone Detector

Full Body Scanner, Machinery for Mobile Device Detection, Smart Phone Inspection Machine in Army, Anti-Spy Camera Detector

In army, government offices and some business fields, there is a strong demand for confidentiality. That's why this walk through detector is here. Juzheng cell phone detector is designed to tell whether there are phones on human body and where they are exactly, without being interfered by keys, belt buckle, glasses, cigarette and lighter.

Juzheng walk through mobile phone detector is able to determine whether the person being tested has carried a phone on him by identifying the eddy current and electromagnetic information, with the combination of eddy current testing, electromagnetic induction, weak signal detection, precision wave filtering, finite element analysis, gradient measurement, expert system, and adaptive identification technologies.

Resource and detection information sharing can be realized by the cell phone detection machine with uniform data interface and integrated software platform for higher testing efficiency and reliability.

Juzheng is a Chinese metal detection machine manufacturer with 11 years' experience. The technical expertise, considerable service, and competitive pricing make Juzheng the best option for your security detection needs.

Main Features
1. Interference from belt buckle, glass, cigarette, lighter, keys, and uniform accessories are eliminated
2. It can accurately detect mobile phone (power on or off), digital camera, PC, laptop, mobile hard disk, and recording pen, etc.

Model: XR-II mobile phone detector
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Power: 60W
Environment: -20℃~45℃
Working frequency: adjustable according to actual needs
Total weight: about 150kg
Machine weight: about 130kg
Machine dimension: 2220 (H) ×1000 (W) ×622(D) (mm)
Passageway: 2000 (H) ×700 (W) ×622 (D) (mm)

Detection Accuracy
When phone is put in pocket: 95%
When phone is put at the middle: 91%

Implementation of Standards
1. Electronic equipment: EN60950
2. Radiation: EN50081--1
3. Anti-interference: EN50082--1
4. Walk through metal detector international standard: GB15210-2003

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